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Magical Journeys: Tips and Tricks to Traveling with Kids featuring Shana from Magical Wishes Travel

"Magical Journeys: Tips and Tricks to Traveling with Kids featuring Shana from Magical Wishes Travel"

Embarking on a family adventure is an enchanting experience, but it comes with its own set of challenges. To make your journey smoother and more magical, we’ve collaborated with Shana, a seasoned travel expert from Magical Wishes Travel. With 11 years of experience in planning vacations and a deep passion for making travel wishes come true, Shana is not just a travel advisor; she’s the President and Managing Director of Magical Wishes Travel LLC. Let’s delve into her expertise and uncover the secrets to creating unforgettable family vacations.

*1. Family-Friendly Destinations:*
Shana says: “Of course, Disney Destinations are number 1 on our list! From the theme parks to their amazing cruises, they cannot be beaten! There are also amazing worldwide adventures for families, such as Adventures by Disney, which most people are not aware of. Aside from the theme parks, there are amazing all-inclusive resorts perfect for families as well!”

*2. Planning and Preparation:*
Shana advises: “My number 1 tip is to utilize a well-established travel agent! There is no reason not to, as the pricing is the same booking on your own. Not only do we help you plan as much or as little as you want, but we monitor for future discounts – that’s not a service you will receive if you book direct! The sooner you plan, the better! Travel is HOT, and we are not seeing last-minute deals.”

*3. Choosing Accommodations:*
Shana recommends: “The number of members (including kids) in your party is key in choosing accommodations. Standard hotel rooms will often include 2 beds and occasionally a sleeper sofa or pullout couch and 1 bathroom. This works for many families, but some families need extra room. Always consider how many bathrooms you need for your family.”

*4. Packing Essentials:*
Shana suggests: “I like to make lists of outfits and only pack what is necessary with maybe one or two variations per person. You often do not need as many outfits as you think, and they can really take up space. Remember that most hotels provide shampoo, conditioner, soap, and even hairdryers. This can really help to save some extra space as well. If taking bathing suits, I always recommend some plastic baggies to put any wet clothing into in case you do not have time to air dry them before you depart. That way nothing else gets wet.”

*5. Navigating Airports and Transportation:*
Shana shares: “Make the airport experience fun for kids by involving them in the process. Choose flights that align with their sleep schedules, and consider using transportation services that provide car seats for added safety.”

*6. Engaging Activities for Kids:*
Shana advises: “Keep kids entertained during travel with a mix of activities. Bring coloring books, games, and electronic devices with headphones. Research destination-specific activities that cater to children’s interests.”

*7. Dealing with Unexpected Situations:*
Shana recommends: “Flexibility is key. Prepare for the unexpected, whether it’s a flight delay or a change in plans. Stay calm, and remember that adapting to unexpected situations is a valuable skill for both parents and children.”

*8. Safety Considerations:*
Shana emphasizes: “It’s always a good idea to register with The Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) when leaving the U.S. This free service allows U.S. citizens and nationals traveling abroad to enroll their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate, providing important information about safety conditions, emergency contact, and more.”

*9. Making Memories:*
Shana’s tip: “Take all the pictures and try to be present! Disney offers an amazing service called Memory Maker which allows everyone to be in the picture!”

*10. Exclusive Discounts for Moms:*
Shana shares: “Our agency offers free onboard credit for any Disney Cruise Line vacation booked through our agency! More often than not, we also have access to group space through Royal Caribbean, so we can often (but not always) beat pricing you see online!”

*11. Testimonials and Success Stories:*
Shana’s clients say:
– “I don’t know what we would have done without the guidance provided by Shana during our son’s honeymoon covid debacle. She was amazing from start to finish and even helped us while she was on vacation with her family. A good travel agent is a must during these crazy covid times, and Shana is the best!!!! Do not book your trip without her!”
– “I have used Shana for all of my Disney trips. She has always had the utmost care for me and my family. She cares and wants us to enjoy our time. She is readily available whenever I need her for changes and keeps up to date on deals. I could not imagine traveling without her knowledge and help.”
– “No words can express how much we appreciated everything Shana did! We haven’t been to Disney World in 18 years, and everything has changed so much. She guided us through the process, helped us with reservations, meal plans, fastpasses, etc. Shana has always gone above and beyond to make all of our trips special. Shana will be our Travel Advisor for life!”

*12. Future Trends in Family Travel:*
Shana predicts: “Since 2020, people have realized that life can change in an instant and to not wait on bucket list travel. Although U.S. theme parks are still popular, more people want to see the world and see the world with their families and those they love most! Since 2020, we have seen more people travel abroad to the Caribbean, Europe, and Alaska in particular.”

*13. Connect with Shana:*
Ready to plan your next family adventure? Reach out to Shana:
– Email:
– Office Line: 256-770


"Magical Journeys: Tips and Tricks to Traveling with Kids featuring Shana from Magical Wishes Travel"