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Advertising with the Calhoun Journal is a great way to let the community know about your business, event, or announcement. At the Calhoun Journal we understand that small businesses struggle to find advertising they can afford and still be useful.

Our site is visited an average of 131K times each month by our readers. The Calhoun Journal does not require that our readers pay for the content, and this allows the entire community to see what is happening.

As an advertiser this means results within the area you need to be seen. Your advertisement will be available to every reader that the Calhoun Journal currently has, and we keep growing each month. Each advertisement is directly linked to your choice of Facebook business page or official website to provide potential customers with more information.

We offer different plans for advertising with us to help keep your budget on track. You have the ability to set your budget to what you can afford to spend. We do not require minimums and make sure our customers are informed as to the actual numbers they are receiving for each advertisement.

  1. Advertising placement on individual articles – To advertise on our individual articles we charge a nominal fee of $0.006 per impression. That means for every $100 that you spend at least 16.6K readers will visually see your ad.
  2. Advertisement placement on targeted pages – To advertise on our website (on specific pages) we charge a fee of $0.005 per impression. That will result in 20K views of your ad for $100.
  3. Large scale advertisement for customers that have frequent changes (weekly specials, flash sales, etc). – This type of advertisement consists of creating a special landing page for your business that can be updated each day (if needed). An example would be a grocery store offering coupons or daily sales on specified items. Please contact us directly to discuss the level of service needed and pricing.
We also offer discounts to Calhoun County Chamber Members contact us directly or speak to Kim Boyd at the Chamber for details!

The Calhoun Journal is dedicated to helping the community know what is happening around this great county. We strive to help our local businesses and customers find each other to strengthen our local economy.

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