October 25, 2021    

This week’s Small Business Spotlight is on AG Boutique and The NoAlan Event Center! Owners Brooke Lee and Steven Lee have transformed the building previously known as Zoes on the Lake into a trendy women’s boutique, as well as a gorgeous space to host events!

AG Boutique caters to women of all sizes all over the country and sells through social media, a website, an app, and now a brick and mortar storefront. The NoAlan Event Center features a large indoor and outdoor space, complete with a stage, gazebo and lakefront views, perfect for pictures!


  • Tammy (T): How and when did your business begin?
  • Brooke (B): AG Boutique began two years ago this April. We had a small shop in the Square and then we started doing some social selling online. We decided to go back to the shop and incorporate the social selling with it.
  • T: Tell me about your new location here in Weaver.
  • B: This beautiful location was formally Zoes on the Lake, we love it out here. We were growing as we were doing the social selling and a lot of the locals were saying they wished they could come in to shop. We were doing it out of our garage in our house! We renovated it into a kind of warehouse but we outgrew it. We prayed that God would open a door and then this building opened up for us. We have room for the warehouse part, it’s a great location for people to run in to shop and get gifts and it’s really worked out well so far.
  • T: Tell me about what you sell here.
  • B: We sell women’s clothing sizes Small through 3X. We have gifts, shoes, jeans, you never know what you might find! We go to the Atlanta market almost monthly so we’re constantly in contact with new vendors and products coming out. We try to keep it fun and happy and find all the new things coming out.
  • T: What are some of your best sellers through the app?
  • B: Judy Blue Jeans! People love the Judy Blue Jeans, it has such a wide range of sizing from size 0 to 24 in womens, they have great stretch and a great fit and there are all kinds of different styles. It’s one of our main sellers because it fits all body types and is great qualityand it is definitely our top selling piece. Right now, shackets are also selling well because it’s fall, and jewelry is always a great go-to as well.
  • T: Tell me about some of the events you have going on.
  • B: We do Facebook Live 6 days a week. We also have the app, its AG Boutique app. It’s great because if you don’t have time to get on the Live, you can go to the app and see one of our Lives and hit “Shop” at the bottom. It will show you what we showed that day, the price of it and the sizes available. We’ve been doing the Live for over 3 years now and we have customers from all 50 states and we’ve built up such a great community of women. We’ve had customers from Texas and Tennessee drive over to meet us because it builds friendships!
  • T: Tell me about some of the events you’ll have in the store and when you’ll be ready to open.
  • B: We are allowing people to come in now and we’re open until 5 Monday through Friday and Saturdays 10-2. We will have more of a Grand Opening at the end of November. We are planning a big Christmas event where we’ll have cookies with Santa and pictures. That will all be coming up very soon! It’s not your traditional storefront, we have one of everything that we carry out on the floor and when you look and shop, we’ll get your size for you. It’s more of a personal shopping twist, we want it to be more personal and one-on-one. We have a huge dressing room with a couch, full sized mirror, bathroom, we just want you to feel comfortable and if you want opinions, we’ll give them to you!
  • T: The AG Boutique isn’t the only business you and your husband have in this building! Tell me about The NoAlan Event Center.
  • B: When we bought this building, the bottom used to be a restaurant and we knew that we did not want to be in the restaurant business. But it was too beautiful to be a wasted space so we turned it into an event center called The NoAlan. AG Boutique stands for Adalynn Grace, my daughter’s name, and my son is NoAlan, so that’s where the names come from!  We have bookings through May already and November and December are both almost full. We have proms, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and showers already scheduled for the event center. There’s a big spot down there with a stage and lots of tables and chairs and it’s a beautiful location for an event.
  • T: Anything else you’d like to share?
  • B: We appreciate all of you supporting our business, and we would love to have you come out and visit us! If you have any questions you can send an email at adalynngraceboutique@gmail.com or download our app, The AG Boutique. The NoAlan has a Facebook page and we would love to be involved in the community and work with you all as much as we can!  The building location is at 187 Angel Lake Rd in Weaver, AL. Store website is theagboutique.com and the store’s app is AG Boutique

I hope you enjoyed this Small Business Spotlight. Every week I will be featuring another local small business to find out more about them and how they are making an impact on our community!


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