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Anniston Work Session and City Council Meeting 9/6/2022

Anniston City Council

Anniston, AL – The Anniston City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting on September 6th.

Work Session

  1. Cash Reimbursements
    1. Reimbursements for city officials while traveling away from the City – No discussion 
  2. Goodwin, Mills & Cawood LLC contract
    1. Discussion to transition consultant Goodwin, Mills & Cawood, LLC from an hourly rate contract to a lump sum contract
      1. This contract is now all inclusive and is a flat rate.
  3. Request for Funds
    1. Discussion regarding the request for appropriated funds by the Anniston City Schools
      1. A representative from the school board will provide a written detail for the next meeting to give more details on the exact use of the funds.
  4. Grant Submission
    1. Discussion of grant submission for Michael Tucker Park Trailhead Project
      1. This is on the consent agenda for tonight.
  5. Bids
    1. Discussion of bids for Residential Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
      1. The price will go up to $20. A discussion was about how to hold people accountable because some are not paying these fees now. Also if money can be set aside for debris pickup and kept separate from current trash fees. Past attempted ideas were discussed. Also discussed was the general bids that were received. It was also acknowledged that over the past three years no attempt has been made to collect unpaid bills. There was also discussion of coordinating with the county for free dump days so that at would provide 8 months of free dumping for residents. Currently the city and County are aligned on the same months, but that can be changed to alternate.
  6. Mayor Draper discussion items
    1. Changing/Canceling the October 18th Council meeting due to the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce annual Business Expo at the City Meeting Center
      1. Discussions were held to rescheduled, cancel, or to call a special called meeting to deal with amendment or ordinances.
  7. Other Business
    1. Pubic comments with Jim Pritchett were discussed regarding the towing matter. Mr. Pritchett believes there is a discriminatory standard that is preventing him from towing. Chief Bowles noted there were many violations with Mr. Pritchett and his company and the those as well has him not being the city standards were the reason why he is no longer included on the the towing list. The main issue is the wench fees. Chief Bowles also stated he is not in favor of changing the ordinances or grandfathering some companies in because then where do you draw the line. He also stated there have been no complains from residents since the ordinance was put in place.

City Council 

  • Invocation
    • Councilwoman Harris stated “Angels walk amongst us masquerading as a people and I can honestly say we have an angel sitting in our presence in this friend, Diane Smith, whether she’s giving water to the homeless people this visionary walks the talk more than anyone out there that I’ve ever met and I’m just privileged and honored to have her tonight to give our prayer and our pledge.
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
    • Mayor Jack Draper – Present
    • Ward 1 Councilman Jay Jenkins – Present
    • Ward 2 Councilman Demetric D. Roberts – Present
    • Ward 3 Councilwoman Ciara Smith – Present
    • Ward 4 Councilwoman Millie Harris – Present
  • Reading/Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting – Unanimously Approved
  • Additions/Deletions to the Agenda – None
  • Adoption of Agenda – Unanimously Approved
  • Public Hearing
    • To hear comments regarding a proposed vacation of an East to West Alley between Quintard Avenue & Leighton Avenue just North of ‘O’ Street – No Comments
  • Unfinished Business
    • Motion to approve a 160 – Special Retail – More Than 30 Days application for The Oaks on Cherokee LLC d/b/a The Oaks on Cherokee located at 201 Cherokee Trail within the police jurisdiction – Applicant has requested this to be removed. – Unanimously Approved to be moved to the floor
    • Motion to pass to alcohol license. – 4 Nays and 1 Yes (Roberts)
  • Consent Agenda – Unanimously Approved
    • Resolution authorizing reimbursements to city officials for expenses incurred while traveling away from the City.
    • Resolution amending the Schedule of Nominations assigning and designating the positions on each Municipal Board, Commission and Authority to specific Ward Councilmembers and to the Office of the Mayor and appointing members to the Anniston Museum & Gardens Advisory Board
    • Resolution authorizing the submission of a grant application through the Recreational Trails Grant Program for trailhead restroom improvements at Michael Tucker Park
    • Motion to approve the bid for the Anniston City Market to Bradshaw and Pitts, LLC for the base bid of $860,000.00
    • Motion to approve the bid for Noble Street Park Installation to Oak Leaf Lawn & Landscape, Inc., for the base bid of $488,915.00
  • Resolutions
    • Resolution vacating the East to West Alley between Quintard Avenue and Leighton Avenue just North of ‘O’ Street – Unanimously Approved
    • Resolution authorizing Professional Services Agreement with Goodwin, Mills & Cawood, LLC for Stormwater Regulatory Compliance – Unanimously Approved
    • Resolution adopting the budget for Fiscal Year 2023 – Unanimously Approved (Public Hearing will follow)
    • Amendment to budget proposed by Councilman Jenkins. – Unanimously Approved
      • Continue and extend the facade grant. – $100,000 additional monies for those facade grant applications
      • Change one employee from 30 hours to 40 hours. This allows for extended hours. $10,400 will be cost at Cane Creek.
      • Monies left from previous budgets for the golf course. Asking for changing allocation of $300,000 from specific resurfacing to maintenance.
  • Ordinances
    • Public Hearing on Chapter 6 governing Building Permits and Fees – No Comments
    • An ordinance amending Chapter 6 governing Building Permits and Fees – Unanimously Approved
  • Motions
    • Motion to proceed with the repaving of Leighton Avenue – Unanimously Approved
    • Motion to approve request from Anniston City Schools for remaining balance of FY22 appropriated funds of $45,000.00 to utilized for technology resources and support across District facilities and FY21 appropriated funds of $200,000.00 to be utilized for Support of Cobb Preparatory Academy, Maintenance – Tabled until further information can be gathered Unanimously Approved to table
    • Motion to approve the bid for Residential Solid Waste Collection and Disposal to Republic Services as set forth in the contract – Unanimously Approved
  • Additional or Other Matters That May Come Before the Council – None
  • Public Commets
    • Jim Pritchett – 2609 Old Gadsden Highway
      • He has requested to be added to the towing rotation and base it on the quality of work and not the volume of work done.
  • Council Comments
      • Councilwoman Harris – No comments.
      • Councilwoman Smith – No comments other than have a good evening.
      • Councilman Roberts – Appreciate you being here. Still working on getting the banners for the schools. . We will have a homecoming parade and alumni pep rally. Go out and support the kids and continue to be safe. Just remember I love you.
      • Councilman Jenkins – Thank the staff for working with me and helping me work through the budget changes.  I appreciate the time and effort that everybody’s spent on that. I appreciate police, fire and all that you guys do to make things better for our community. Looking forward to continuing to move our city forward. Thank you all have a good evening.
      • Mayor Draper – I just like to thank everyone for coming back out and watching the live and I would just like to echo Mr. Roberts comments about homecoming. I hope everyone can’t come out to the parade and and get to the game. You know, obviously we need to continue to do all we can to support the young people in our city and that’s certainly significant way to do that. Thank you all for your engagement.
  • Motion
    • Motion to convene an Executive Session for the Council to discuss with the City Attorney the legal ramifications of and legal options for pending litigation, controversies not yet being litigated but imminently likely to be litigated, and/or controversies imminently likely to be litigated if the governmental body pursues a proposed course of action – Unanimously Approved


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