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Anniston’s OneWorld Canine Obstacle Run Hopes to Create a Bonding Experience for Human and Canine Alike

OneWorld Canine Obstacle Run

Anniston, AL –  What is the OneWorld Canine Obstacle Run? The event is run by teams of owner/dog. Owner/Dog teams will run together on more than 30+ obstacles over the most challenging terrain, including natural and manmade obstacles, dense woodlands, dirt, sand, and water. Held at the 200-acre OneWolrd Pet Resort in Anniston, Alabama [McClellan], The OneWorld Canine Obstacle Run was founded for participants to experience the most rewarding canine bonding experience possible. This 4+ mile event will feature more than 30+ purpose-built obstacles over the toughest terrain. Human Participants and canine participants will bring the very best out of each other to succeed.

The event is open to all types of owners with their canines, including Civilian dog owners, Search & Rescue dog teams, Military working dog teams, and Police Dog teams. In addition, the race is open to challengers and thrill seekers of all ages and experience levels, from 10yrs old to 100yrs old. The overall score and time will be determined by course finish time as a base, then there will be time reductions based on age and that of dog’s age. The OneWorld Canine Obstacle Run is also open to individual entries who wish to complete without a canine partner or those canine teams who wish to take on the course as a group. Some handlers bring two dogs and want to run the course twice – once with each dog.  There will be a Saturday 2nd Run option for those who want to run twice.  Both runs are eligible for awards.

Race Location

OneWorld Pet Resort
315 Rucker Street
Anniston, Alabama

Award Divisions

EVERY person, whether registered as an individual or a member of a team, will be included in one of the race award categories.  When registering you will be asked which division you will compete in. The award divisions include:  Youth (16 and under), Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Active Duty Military, Military Veteran, International, Masters (age 60+), or Individual.

Handicap Time Adjustments

Our handicap time adjustments will really level the competitive field. How the time adjustment works:

  • Handler:  Deduct 20 sec for every year older than 21 years
  • Canine:  Deduct 1 min for each year of age over 2 years

Awards are based on the adjusted time.

Schedule & Entertainment

Friday, May 19th – Friday will kick off the event weekend with an early packet pickup from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM accompanied by music on the nearby stage, and the beer truck and cocktail area open.

Saturday, May 20st – On Saturday, thy will have packet pickup from 7:00 AM CST to 12:00 noon CST and will include a full day of dog teams taking on the challenging course. All day Saturday they will have the event area filled with vendor booths, live music, games, demonstrations, and food vendors and beverage areas. Saturday will also see runners and groups considered for obstacle run prizes, which will be handed out at an awards ceremony starting around 6:00 PM CST on Saturday evening. Saturday night will be capped off with a live band, free bars, open fires around the main stage.

Sunday, May 21nd – Organizers will host those that stayed for breakfast and fresh coffee in the event area from 8.30am -10 AM.  The course will be open for Fun Run participants from 9 AM – 11 AM.  No timing or awards for the Sunday Funday run.



OneWorld Canine Obstacle Run

For more information, please contact the organizers. For a full list of local events click here

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