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Battling the Opioid Epidemic in Calhoun County: A Fight for Recovery and Resilience

BIPOC Mental Health Support

Calhoun County, AL – Alabama has always been characterized by her grit, determination, and dedication. In spite of these noble qualities, some communities have struggled with overcoming the ravaging effect of the opioid epidemic.

The opioid epidemic in Alabama has emerged as a critical public health crisis, casting a shadow of devastation across communities and families. Characterized by the widespread misuse and addiction to opioid drugs, this crisis has ignited concerns about its profound impact on societal well-being.

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Rooted in a complex interplay of factors, the epidemic’s origins can be traced back to a confluence of over-prescription of painkillers, limited access to alternative treatments, and socioeconomic disparities. Alabama, like many other states, experienced a surge in opioid prescriptions during the 1990s and early 2000s, leading to an inadvertent normalization of opioid use. The allure of pain relief and euphoria resulted in a proliferation of misuse, ultimately snowballing into addiction.

The consequences of the opioid epidemic are extensive, and run deep. Families are torn apart by the cycle of addiction, fostering a strain on the social fabric. Overwhelmed healthcare systems grapple with rising overdose cases and strained resources. Moreover, economic productivity dwindles as addiction hampers the workforce, generating a vicious cycle of poverty.

Efforts to combat the epidemic in Alabama encompass a blend of public health initiatives, law enforcement actions, and addiction treatment programs. Stricter prescription regulations, enhanced prescription drug monitoring, and expanded access to addiction treatment centers have been implemented to mitigate the crisis’s impact. Nonetheless, the battle against the opioid epidemic remains an ongoing challenge, requiring a comprehensive and sustained effort to alleviate its profound consequences on the state’s population and overall well-being.

One thing is for sure: Alabama continues to fight. Looking forward, it will take a combined and coordinated effort to address these root causes, but here are some local and national resources that can help anyone struggling with mental health or substance use issues.


Remember…You are NOT alone!

Alabama Resources 

NAMI Alabama – A nonprofit organization focused on mental health advocacy efforts 

Alabama Department of Mental Health – ADMH’s mission is to Serve, Empower, and Support, and promote the health and well-being of Alabamians

Live Another Day – A curated list of the best treatment centers in Alabama 

Alabama Public Health – Works to promote, protect and improve health in Alabama


VitALThrough our framework of providers and partnerships between The University of Alabama and state agencies we are improving the wellness of Alabamians

Alabama Family Central – Alabama Family Central is a collaboration of state agencies and partners supporting Alabama’s families with resources, services and more to help raise healthy, happy kids

National Resources for People of Color and other marginalized people: 

Support for BIPOC Parents –  An extensive resource list curated for BIPOC parents. This guide was put together by the experts at Louisville Addiction Center 

Resources for Black Women – Newly updated for 2023, this guide features over 50 fully-vetted resources for Black women written by the team at Southeast Detox 

Resources for Indigenous Women –  This guide features plentiful resources to empower and strengthen Indigenous Women. The guide was put together by the team at Southeast Addiction Center 

Resources for Black Men – Newly updated, this guide features 50 substance use and mental health resources for Black men written by the experts at Southeast Addiction Center Tennessee

Resources for Latinx Students – Extensive resources for Latinx college students and their allies, but together by Tulip Hill Recovery

Resources for AAPI Students – 28 mental health and substance use resources for Asian American students, carefully curated by experts at Lexington Addiction Center 

Michelle Giordano M.S. Community Counselor: Community Outreach Advocate


BIPOC Mental Health Support

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