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“Excellence Isn’t An Accident” Was the Motto of the Oxford City Council Meeting 3/22/22

From left: Oxford City Council members Chris Spurlin, Phil Gardner and Charlotte Hubbard, Oxford City Schools board member Pat Wayne Shaddix, Dr. Jeff Goodwin, Mayor Alton Craft and council members Mike Henderson and Steven Waits.
From left: Oxford City Council members Chris Spurlin, Phil Gardner and Charlotte Hubbard, Oxford City Schools board member Pat Wayne Shaddix, Goodwin, Mayor Alton Craft and council members Mike Henderson and Steven Waits.

Oxford MeetingWork Session

There was no discussion regarding the $2,000 allotment to Camp Lee that is on the agenda.

Mike Henderson was nominated as the delegate for the business Session of the Annual Convention of the Alabama League of Municipalities.

The quote for the library roof installation was discussed. There were two quotes coming in at 16.5 thousand and 36.6 thousand. The lesser option was chosen.

The HVAC maintenance agreement was also discussed. They come every 3 months and service all 45 units. The cost for two companies were $36,000 and $12,000. The lesser option was chosen and the council requested a quote to have all the city buildings maintained. It was agreed that maintenance was much cheaper than replacement.

The fireworks cost have increased by 32% this year. The increase is for the actual materials and shipping, but the scope of the order has not increased. The same company is being used from last year as well.

For Cheaha Biking Tom Nelson sent over an economic impact report for the 5 events they will be hosting. The economic impact is roughly $2 million dollars. The two largest events are the Cheaha Challenge and the Coldwater Fat Tire Event. The cost to be the secondary headlining sponsor would be $5,000.

A request was made from a business for a sales tax sharing option. The city attorney, council, and Mayor discussed the exact threshold policy for a business to qualify. This will be reviewed and discussed at a later meeting.

The basketball team will be at the next meeting to recognize them on their recent victories.

City Council Meeting

  • Call to Order
    • Councilman Spurlin – Present
    • Councilman Waits – Present
    • Councilman Henderson – Present
    • Councilwoman Hubbard – Present
    • Councilman Gardner – Present
  • Welcome/Invocation – Davis Harmon, Meadowbrook Baptist Church
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Approval of Minutes of March 8, 2022 – Unanimously Approved
  • Old Business – No Old Business
  • New Business
    • Proclamation – Recognizing Dr. Jeff GoodwinOxford Meeting
      • The full proclamation was read as shown below:

WHEREAS, it is the intention of Oxford City Council and Mayor Alton Craft to focus attention on noteworthy occasions and individuals; and

WHEREAS, tonight, the Council and Mayor wish to recognize and congratulate Dr. Jeff Goodwin on his years of service with the Oxford City Schools; and

WHEREAS, Dr. Goodwin has had a tremendous and positive impact on the lives of many young scholars, student-athletes, teachers, and administrators by instilling in them the importance of education, teamwork, discipline, and attitude; and

WHEREAS,  Dr. Goodwin served the Oxford community as a Science Teacher and Coach in the Oxford City School System from 1990-1995; as Assistant Principal Oxford High School from 1996- 1998; as Principal of Oxford High School from 1998-2003; and as Superintendent in Oxford City Schools from 2005 to January 2022.

WHEREAS, Dr. Goodwin received the 2020 Alabama Superintendent of the Year award and was one of the longest serving Superintendents in Alabama; and

NOW, THEREFORE, on behalf of the Oxford City Council and myself I do hereby wish to honor, commend and thank Dr. Jeff Goodwin for his unwavering dedication to education in the Oxford community, and wish him much success as the new President of Northwest-Shoals Community College.

      • Oxford MeetingAfter the proclamation was read Councilman Spurlin stated “We wanted to show our appreciation for all of the years of service that you not only invested in our city as superintendent, but also as a teacher, principal and coach investing in our kids’ lives.” Dr. Goodwin then shared his personal appreciation for the city, council, Mayor, first responders, and all the parents and students who have contributed in his time at Oxford. He stressed multiple times that “Excellence is not an Accident.” He wanted to talk about the spirit of cooperation that really makes Oxford such a successful school district.  He also stated he is sure that the district is in good hands with Dr. Stanley. He thanked and credits his wife for her work as well. While he acknowledged his excitement at his new career endeavor as President of Northwest-Shoals Community College in Muscle Shoals, he also said he will always credit the city of Oxford for much of his career path. He also gave each council member and the Mayor a copy of Empowering Students and Questioners (as shown) which features Oxford School District in many of their studies and has QR codes that show staff and students learning.  Dr. Goodwin also wanted to end by stating that, “Oxford gave me a wonderful opportunity for a wonderful job, to have a family, and be a part of such a wonderful city organization. I am truly thankful.”
    • Consent Agenda – Unanimously Approved
      • Resolution No. 2022- 22 – Resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into a contract for $2,000.00 with Camp Lee for the provision of recreational activities to youth in Oxford
      • Resolution No. 2022- 23 – Resolution appointing Council Member Henderson as the Voting Delegate for the Business Session of the Annual Convention of the Alabama League of Municipalities
      • Resolution No. 2022- 24 – Resolution authorizing the appropriation of funds for the installation heat pump/air conditioning system at the Oxford Library in the total amount of $16,517.00
      • Resolution No. 2022- 25 – Resolution authorizing the Mayor to execute a Service Agreement with Engineered Cooling Services for the Oxford Civic Center’s HVAC equipment
      • Resolution No. 2022- 26 – Resolution awarding the bid for the Fireworks Show on July 4th, 2022 to Pyro Shows in the amount of $31,000.00
  • Council Comments/Reports – No Comments
  • Mayor’s Comments
    • The Mayor requested prayers for a city employee who was injured in a motorcycle accident and has suffered a brain injury and seven broken ribs along with other injuries. He is currently at UAB.
  • Set a Public Hearing for April 12, 2022, to consider the following request which was approved by the Oxford Planning Commission at their March 1, 2022 meeting:
    • Zoning request from Matthew Maniscalco to zone property located at 4334 McIntosh Road as Agricultural District (AG)
  • Visitors
    • Don Levvitt from Camp Lee spoke and thanked the Council for their support of the Camp. He also wanted to mention an upcoming 5K trail run happening in May.
    • Stacy Booth invited everybody to attend the House 40 Candidate Forums on April 7th at 6:30pm at the Oxford Performing Arts Center. This event is cohosted by the City of Oxford and the Calhoun County Journal.
  • Motion to adjourn (next regular Council Meeting, April 12, 2022) – Unanimously Approved

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