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Exciting Partnership Announcement: East Alabama Now Joins Forces with the Calhoun Journal for Enhanced Local News Coverage


Calhoun County, AL – The Calhoun Journal is happy to announce that we are now partnering with East Alabama Now (EAN) which is a video news platform. After weeks of meetings and discussions the two companies agree that a collaboration would provide the best solutions for the community. The Calhoun Journal is now and always remain written news, where EAN will provide newscasts regarding local news and events in Calhoun County.

East Alabama Now started in October of 2022 producing a local newscast three days a week. In May of 2023 EAN grew to five day per week broadcasts with local anchors totaling over 100 years experience in local news and broadcasting. Until recently EAN chose to utilize Facebook and YouTube as their media platforms to ensure the community had free access to video news on their Facebook page. EAN will now also be seen on the Calhoun Journal site on their own separate section and on the NewsBreak app under the Calhoun Journal.

The Calhoun Journal has always maintained that we will remain fair and unbiased and will always be free for our readers. We believe that the community should be able to know what is going on without the need to pay for that information. East Alabama Now has the same ideals and works hard to maintain low overhead so they can continue to supply the community with quality video. EAN’s mission is to provide the best local video content for everyone to be informed and entertained. Bridging our community and always putting people first.

We hope you are as excited as we are to for East Alabama Now and the Calhoun Journal to be working together for the community we love.





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