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Date Submitted October 26, 2022
Amos Kirkpatrick, Attorney at Law, Anniston, AL.


A large number of Americans would say the economy is the most important issue for voters in the mid-term elections of 2022. With lessthan 20 days to vote, I would say the economy and all other issues in the election are secondary to saving our democracy. Our economic issues are part of a global condition, involving many countries (along with the US), caused mainly by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.. The economy is temporary and can be fixed over a specific term, but our democracy is permanent, once destroyed can never be fixed. Therefore, saving our democracy is the most important issue facing voters and our country in this election. Without democracy, we have no system of government to fix all the issues from which our government operates. On November 8th, please vote for saving our democracy.  Amos L. Kirkpatrick Atty at Law

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