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Letter to the Editor – Opinion Piece Regarding Doug Ghee Says “Shame on You”

Letter to the Editor

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Date Submitted June 16, 2022
Doug Ghee


Keith, your attacks on me and my children are outright lies! And this is totally unacceptable and downright despicable.

Yes, many in my family have chosen to be attorneys and public servants. We have served with honor and respect, spending significant time every day to help people and assist our communities.

We serve and have served on the County Library Board, the St. Michael’s Health Care Clinic Board, the Civil Service Board, the Committee for Better Public Education, Forward Calhoun County, the Museum Board, the Industrial Development Authority, the Forever Wild Board, Leadership Calhoun County, school parent associations, church committees, and a host of other public service activities. We are proud of our public service!

That you diminish that service and attack with lies tell us all we need to know about you and how you would serve. If you only choose to tell us lies during a campaign, how can we trust you to tell us the truth from Montgomery? The simple answer is that we cannot trust you.

My daughter Wendy Draper is answering the call for public service once again. She will serve the good people of District 12 with honor and integrity, just as she does in all aspects of her life. This is how I have raised my children.

But you are clearly so desperate and dishonest that you resort to lies and twist facts in your personal attacks on Wendy and her family. The people of Senate District 12 deserve better than your mudslinging.

You have shown the public the dark side of politics. Get out of the gutter. You are only embarrassing yourself. Stop it!

Doug Ghee
Husband, Father, Grandfather
And Former State Senator, District 12


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