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Letter to the Editor – Opinion Piece Regarding Talk About Liberty

Letter to the Editor

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Date Submitted June 2, 2023

Submitted by Kimball Shinkoskey

Dear Editor,

Americans talk incessantly about liberty (Republicans), empowerment (Democrats), finding one’s own way, independence, rights, free speech, being “woke,” individualism, you get the idea.

In truth, we are dumbed-down victims of mind-numbing, narrow propaganda spewed out in news reporting, campaign messaging, and holiday speeches by elected leaders.

On Memorial Day I didn’t hear an original thought from anyone.

President Biden said, “There is only one truly sacred obligation, prepare those who will go into harm’s way, and take care of them when they return.” Really, Mr. President, no sacred obligation to educate youth, provide safe streets, give regular thanksgiving for blessings? Just prepare youth for war?

Where are the soaring cadences of the Declaration of Independence, the findings of muckraking journalism, the prophetic utterances of social critics, the Solomon-like judgments of courtrooms, the calls to nonviolent action rather than violent?

Did all these wonderful veterans resting in the ground really “sacrifice for our freedoms,” or were some of our wars not really what they were cracked up to be?
If ever there was a nation of unempowered sheep, it certainly is ours.

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Letter to the Editor


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