Weaver Mayor Wayne Willis

April 9, 2021  
Lee Evancho  

Weaver Mayor Wayne Willis officially announced on Thursday April 8th, his candidacy for the District 12 Alabama Senate Seat. He runs as a Republican.  

When asked why he is choosing to run while holding an elected position Mayor Willis was very direct, “There comes a time when you feel maybe you have done all you can do in a position. I feel I can do more for Weaver and the entire District from Montgomery.” Mayor Willis has also been very direct in stating that regardless of if he wins or loses the senate seat this will be his last term as the Mayor of Weaver.  

Mayor Willis, or Wayne as most people know him, came from humble beginnings. His Father was in the Army and he and his family moved around a lot. When Wayne was 13 his Father was assigned to Fort McClellan  and became residents of Weaver. Wayne actually started his professional career as a Weaver Police officer. He laughingly told the story of his first day on the job wearing his father’s shoes, caring a borrowed flashlight, and using a pawn shop pistol he purchased that very day. Wayne did eventually move to the Anniston Police Department where he served for 26 years, 24 on the SWAT team.   

Mayor Willis actually started his work in the political field by completing his father’s term in Weaver after his passing. Wayne then ran and was elected Mayor of Weaver from 2004-2008. Wayne stepped down as mayor in 2008 because he found it difficult to balance his position in Rape, Robbery, Homicide and his elected role. He states that a group of Weaver residents approached him in 2012 and requested that he consider running for Mayor again. As a long-term Weaver resident Wayne felt that Weaver was in a bad position and he felt he could do good work as mayor. He did run and was elected again. After wining the election he resigned from the Anniston Police Department in the position of Lieutenant. He has served as Mayor since 2012.

Mayor Willis wants to assure all Weaver residents that if he is lucky enough to get elected, Weaver will be left in good hands. If he wins the Senate election he will resign as mayor. There is a procedure in place where the mayor’s position is appointed from a seated City Council member. The current Mayor Pro Tem is Jim Clendenning.  Mr. Clendenning is currently and will continue to be up to speed on all Weaver happenings. There were be a “seamless transition of power” per Mayor Willis. 

Other potential candidates have until March 2022 to qualify for the Senate election.  The primary will be held in June 2022 and the election will be in November of 2022. Mayor Willis has stated he is excited to continue to serve Weaver residents and the residents of the district if elected to the Senate. He believes he brings something to the table that will be hard to beat. He stated that he has a “proven track record of success”