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Press release – JAX PAC Supporting Wendy Ghee Draper

Press release - JSU supporting Wendy Ghee Draper

Calhoun County, AL – Jacksonville State University’s JAX PAC is supporting Wendy Ghee Draper, candidate for Alabama State Senate District 12. Wendy Ghee Draper is the first state senate candidate that the organization has ever supported and the only candidate in Senate District 12 receiving the support of Jacksonville State University, a major educational and economic engine in Alabama located in Jacksonville, Alabama.

“I am honored to have the support of the Jacksonville State University family and JAX PAC. As State Senator, I will do everything possible to ensure that the great things happening at JSU continue,” concluded Draper.

“Education is so important in providing opportunities for the next generation, helping our local businesses grow, and positively impacting our workforce development efforts. Jacksonville State University is the gem of East Alabama and a great community partner for our area,” stated Draper.

The stated purpose of JAX PAC is to support Jacksonville State University, its mission, and its vision through the political process in Alabama and to offer support to candidates who support the mission of the university and higher education.


Paid for by Wendy Ghee Draper for State Senate P.O. Box 955 Anniston, AL 36202


*The Calhoun Journal does not endorse any candidate.

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