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State House Candidate Julie Borrelli Urges Citizens to Vote in Tuesday’s Runoff

Julie Borrelli Press Release

Calhoun County, AL – Julie Borrelli, Anniston Director of Finance and Republican candidate for State house, released the following statement on the upcoming runoff election for Alabama State House – District 40:

“Tuesday’s runoff election is your opportunity to send a conservative fighter to Montgomery. This election will shape the future of our community, and it will be decided by who shows up – not who stays home. This election will likely be a close race, and I am humbly asking for your vote. Together, we can make District 40 an even better place to work, live, and raise a family!”

“Our state needs and deserves a stronger education system, a thriving economy, and a state government that respects individual rights. While it’s easy to complain about the state of the world, I’m stepping up to be part of the solution by running for State House. And I’m asking you, my friends, neighbors, and fellow Alabamians, to be part of the solution as well by showing up to vote on Tuesday. I’m grateful for your support and look forward to serving you as your legislator.”

Borrelli looks forward to serving her friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens in the state legislature. She has pledged to be a staunch supporter of pro-family, pro-freedom policies. Visit to learn more.

Julie Borrelli is available for media interviews through Election Day. For bookings and media requests, contact

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