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Storm Stories

Storm stories

Gadsden, AL – Storm drops tree limb on two vehicles, forces late-round delay for eventual leader Cole in Gadsden City Championship.

By Joe Medley

Ty Cole just made major changes in his putting game. Add a grip adjustment, and he came away from Saturday’s first round of the Gadsden City Championship positioned to repeat as champion.

Cole shot a 4-under-par 68 at Twin Bridges, including an eagle on No. 6, and finished his round after a storm delay leading John Rollins by one stroke.

The Gadsden City Championship is the third points event on the 2024 Calhoun County Golf Tour.

Cole, who won the season-opener at Cane Creek, overcame soreness in his right elbow Saturday. Pain might prompt another adjustment for Sunday’s final round.

Cole said his elbow doesn’t hurt on wedge shots, but it hurts on irons.


“I don’t know if it hurts so much to hit an iron, or I just dread hitting it, so I make it hurt,” he said. “I’m going to get home tonight eat a handful of Advil and ice it. Hopefully, it’ll be better tomorrow.

“I may start tomorrow with the brace on instead of putting it on after 15 holes, like I did today.”

Maybe the weather had something to do with Cole’s elbow hurting. The late-round storm impacted players and two vehicles.

A tree limb fell across two cars during Saturday’s play in the Gadsden City Championship, including John Rollins’ Dodge Ram pickup. Rollins shot 68 and stands one shot off of Ty Cole’s lead. (Submitted photo)

A tree limb fell on Rollins’ Dodge Ram pickup. He drives a cutter for a logging in Georgia and jokingly noted the tree’s potential vengeful motives.

If he conquers the course again Sunday, he can have the last laugh. He seeks his second win on the Calhoun County Golf Tour.

“It’d be a good one to win,” he said. “I’m not familiar with a course. I’m just trying to keep it in front of me, and that’s why I decided to just hit irons off of the tee box. … I’m trying to play it as safe as I can.”

Cole’s group was the final foursome and had to take cover in the clubhouse after teeing off on No. 18. They finished their round after an hour-plus weather delay, as lightning, thunder and blowing rain overtook the course.

“It just got to where it was raining so hard by the time we got to our second shots that you wouldn’t have been able to see to hit your ball,” Cole said.

Cole brought adjustments into his play at Twin Bridges, starting with all elements of his putting game. This after struggles with the putter two weeks ago, at Silver Lakes.

“I changed everything,” he said. “Style of putter, cutting two inches off of it, holding it different, standing up closer to it. Just total opposite of the way I was putting, and I’m rolling the ball a lot better with the putter.”

Cole said loosening his grip helped, as well.

“I’ve been hitting it, just not hitting it good, and I figured out that my grip had gotten a little strong,” he said. “I worked on that Thursday, getting my grip turned over and weak, and that felt good.”

Storm stories

First-round scores

Ty Cole 68 68
John Rollins 69 69
Randy Lipscomb 70 70
Brennan Clay 71 71
Mason Dennis 71 71
Jeremy McGatha 72 72
Jason Rich 73 73
Casey Harmon 73 73
Chris Cox 74 74
Blake Boozer 74 74
Dustin Travis 74 74
Gary Wigington 74 74
Dane Moore 75 75
Chad Hare 75 75
Chris Leonhardt 75 75
Joshua Bradley 75 75
Trent Masfield 76 76
Dre Davenport 76 76
J.D. Berndt 76 76
Cove McHugh 76 76
Chance Harris 76 76
Danny Whitaker 76 76
Tim Woodard 76 76
Clay Smith 77 77
C.J. Taylor 77 77
Clayton Chandler 77 77
Carson Jones 77 77
Vance Lewis 77 77
Tanner Wells 77 77
Zack Pruitt 77 77
Aaron Jackson 78 78
Brad Landin 78 78
Austin Elliott 78 78
Eric Cannington 78 78
Michael Rich 79 79
Blake Grisham 79 79
Jeremy Burns 79 79
Hunter Fordham 79 79
Cole McNeal 79 79
Aaron Gregerson 80 80
Hunter Carr 80 80
Chase Hollingsworth 80 80
Bob Eaton 80 80
James Lett 81 81
Maverick Smith 81 81
Luke Armstrong 82 82
Josh Ghavassi 83 83
Nathan Williams 83 83
Jonathan Gibson 84 84
Houston Black 85 85
David Webb 85 85
Chris Reaves 85 85
Alex Burnham 86 86
Chandler Richards 86 86
Drey Reeves 86 86
Logan Steele 86 86
Mark Gaines 86 86
Eli Dunn 87 87
Matt Greer 88 88
Cain Hollingsworth 88 88
Tim Gables 89 89
Derek Jenkins 89 89
Carl Stanley 89 89
Ridge McHugh 90 90
Andrew Gunnells 91 91
Drake Bearden 92 92
Chris Duncan 92 92
Justin Pickard 93 93
Stephen Jenkins 93 93
Dustin Pearce 93 93
Eli Pearce 94 94
Scott Jimmerson 95 95
Nick Sabat 96 96
Daniel Ricks 96 96
Larry Champion 105 105
Ted Gregerson 111 111
Greg Shultz 70 70
David Sanders 75 75
Scott Moates 75 75
Jerry Fraiser 76 76
Dominick Margentina 76 76
Graham Morrow 77 77
Keith Hutcheson 83 83
Mike Lett 83 83
Scott Harmon 83 83

Final-round tee times

7:30 a.m.: Scott Harmon, Mike Lett, Keith Hutcheson.
7:39 a.m.: Graham Morrow, Dominick Margentina, Jerry Fraiser.
7:48 a.m.: Scott Moates, Greg Shultz, David Sanders.
7:57 a.m.: Ted Gregerson, Larry Champion, Daniel Ricks.
8:06 a.m.: Nick Sabat, Scott Jimmerson, Eli Pearce.
8:15 a.m.: Dustin Pearce, Justin Pickard, Stephen Jenkins, James Lett.
8:24 a.m.: Craig Duncan, Drake Bearden, Andrew Gunnells.
8:33 a.m.: Ridge McHugh, Carl Stanley, Derek Jenkins.
8:42 a.m.: Cain Hollingsworth, Eli Dunn, Matt Greer, Tim Gables.
8:51 a.m.: Logan Steele, Chandler Richards, Drey Reeves, Alex Burnham.
9 a.m.: Mark Gaines, Chris Reaves, David Webb, Houston Black.
9:09 a.m.: Jonathan Gibson, Josh Ghavassi, Luke Armtrong, Nathan Williams.
9:18 a.m.: Maverick Smith, Bob Eaton, Chase Hollingsworth.
9:27 a.m.: Aaron Gregerson, Hunter Carr, Cole McNeal.
9:36 a.m.: Blake Grisham, Michael Rich, Hunter Fordham, Jeremy Burns.
9:45 a.m.: Eric Cannington, Austin Elliott, Brad Landin.
9:54 a.m.: Aaron Jackson, Clayton Chandler, Carson Jones, Zack Pruitt.
10:03 a.m.: C.J. Taylor, Clay Smith, Tanner Wells, Vance Lewis.
10:12 a.m.: Timmy Woodard, Danny Whitaker, Chance Harris
10:21 a.m.: Dre Davenport, Trent Masfield, J.D. Berndt, Cove McHugh.
10:30 a.m.: Chad Hare, Dane Moore, Chris Leonhardt, Joshua Bradley.
10:39 a.m.: Gary Wigington, Dustin Travis, Blake Boozer, Chris Cox.
10:48 a.m.: Casey Harmon, Jason Rich, Jeremy McGatha, Mason Dennis.
10:57 a.m.: Brennan Clay, Randy Lipscomb, John Rollins, Ty Cole.

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