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Updates from Weaver’s June 25th Work Session and City Council Meeting: Triage Program Introduction and Holiday Declaration

Weaver City Council

Weaver, AL – Weaver held their regularly scheduled works session and City Council Meeting on June 25th. 


Red Bird Camp

Work Session

  • Chief Bunn sahred a flyer about the upcoing fundraiser.
    • Judges will be Senator Keith Kelley, Councilmember Tim McRae, and Piedmont Police Chief Nathan Johnson.

Fundraiser Flyer

  • Mayor Clendenning shared that the State of the Cities went well and mentioned that represenattives from Mike Rogers office and Katie Britt’s office were present.
  • He also mentioned that while paving had not started yet the money have arrived.
  • He will also be writing a letter to the person who doanted the books for library thanking them.
  • Kendra Harrington, Municipal Work Comp Marketing Director at Millennium Risk Managers, provided an overview of their triage program designed specifically for municipalities. The program, initiated six years ago and expanded two years ago due to its effectiveness, aims to address two primary objectives: reducing the frequency of work comp claims and optimizing the management of those that do occur.The triage program operates 24/7, offering immediate access to a live registered nurse trained to assess workplace injuries remotely. This service ensures that injured employees receive timely and appropriate medical advice right after an incident occurs. Harrington emphasized the program’s proactive approach in guiding supervisors and employees through the initial steps of injury assessment, potentially mitigating the severity of injuries and associated costs.One of the key benefits highlighted by Harrington is the financial incentive for municipalities participating in the program. By enrolling, municipalities can qualify for additional discounts on their work comp premiums, potentially totaling up to 4% beyond existing discounts. This financial benefit is significant, considering it doesn’t require municipalities to have ongoing claims to maintain the discount, thereby offering a proactive risk management solution.Moreover, the triage program ensures compliance with medical protocols and streamlines the reporting process. Every call to the triage nurse results in a detailed triage report, documenting the nature of the injury, recommended care, and follow-up instructions. This documentation is crucial for potential future claims, ensuring that all necessary information is already in place should an injury escalate.Harrington emphasized that the triage program not only enhances workplace safety by providing immediate medical guidance but also contributes to substantial cost savings for municipalities. By leveraging this service, municipalities can effectively manage their work comp risks while promoting a safer and more efficient work environment for their employees.


Weaver City Council

City Council 

  • Call to Order
  • Invocation
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Roll Call
    • Councilmember Clint Burns – Present
    • Councilmember Tim McRae – Present
    • Councilmember Cathy Hamby – Present 
    • Mayor Pro Tem Nick Bowles – Present
    • Councilmember Terri Summerlin – Absent
    • Mayor Jeff Clendenning – Present
  • Adoption of Agenda – Unanimously Approved
  • Minutes from June 11th meeting – Unanimously Approved
  • Department Reports
    • Public Works – Director Ingram
      • Complaints about right-a-way and walking trail. The Mayor noted that they are working on it and Commissioner Howell will be assiting.
    • Police – Chief Bush
      • Received competed report from All American Bingo. They have requested a public hearing at 4:00 pm.
    • Fire Department/Code Enforcement – Chief Bunn – No Report
      • Just requested people attend the Chili Cookoff.
    • Administrative – Chasity Whetstone – No Report
  • Council Reports
    • Councilmember Burns – No Comments
    • Councilmember McRae – No Comments
    • Councilmember Hamby
      • The Weaver baseball park is owned by thte Calhoun County Boaed of Education so issues withthe field need to be directed to them.
    • Councilmember Bowles
      • Made a motion to give the employees July 5 off as a holiday in addition to being off on the 4th. – Unanimously Approved
  • Old Business
    • Kendra Harrington, Milliennium Risk Managers Director of Marketing – Public Entity Division – Triage Program – Mayor stated they would be entering into this.
  • New Business – None
  • Mayors Report – Mayor Jeff Clendenning
    • Just an update on State of the Cities. He felt that Weaver looked good and felt it was interesting to learn what is happening in the County.
    • Paving should start in one to two weeks.
  • Public Comments – None
  • Adjournment – Unanimously Approved



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