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Birmingham Homicide Leads to Calhoun County Cautions Being Issued

Safe Zone

Calhoun County, AL – The Birmingham Police Department issued a missing person report on Wednesday advising that Jermiera Ivory Fowler, 31, went missing after she told her family she was meeting with someone to make a purchase from Facebook Marketplace. On Thursday at approximately 9:00 pm police received a report of a body on fire in the area of Sellers Rd. The Jefferson County Coroner stated that she had been shot and then set on fire.

The Calhoun Journal spoke with the different law enforcement agencies in Calhoun County about this type of crime. Although homicide does not happen that often, robberies are very common with these types of transactions. Each of the local law enforcement agencies have an area where citizens can meet with others to conduct these types of transactions. The police departments have camera’s to monitor the area and some have full audio as well.

Each of the officials that we spoke with strongly recommend that anyone wishing to make a purchase from someone they have never met should only meet with them in a safe environment such as the local police department. If you request a meeting at one of the locations listed below and the person is reluctant that should cause you to become suspicious of their true intent. A legitimate seller should have no problem meeting at a police station to complete a sale.

Some of the chief’s also mentioned that many parents with shared custody utilize the safe transaction areas to complete the exchange of their children for visitation purposes. It doesn’t matter what type of legal interaction a person is going to be completing, the different agencies just want the public to be safe at all times.

Below we have listed each police department and the Sheriff’s Office addresses for people to choose from. There are police agencies all throughout the county and you do not need to be a resident of a certain jurisdiction to utilize their safe transaction area.

Anniston Police Department

174 W 13th St

Anniston, AL 36201

Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office

400 W 8th St

Anniston, AL 36201

Jacksonville Police Department

911 Public Safety Dr SW

Jacksonville, Alabama 36265

Ohatchee Police Department

7801 AL-77

Ohatchee, AL 36271

Oxford Police Department

600 Stanley Merrill Dr

Oxford, AL 36203

Safe Zone

Piedmont Police Department

121 W Ladiga St

Piedmont, AL 36272

Weaver Police Department

500 Anniston St

Weaver, AL 36277

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