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Weaver Crash Involving Ambulance

Ambulance crash cover photo

Weaver, AL – At approximately 2:15 Friday afternoon the Alabama State Police responded to a two vehicle crash involving a white SUV and a Piedmont Rescue EMS Ambulance at Alexandria-Jacksonville Hwy and Angel Lake Rd. At the time of this release it has been reported by ALEA that there were only minor injuries and there was no road blockage.

The Jacksonville Fire Department was requested to the scene as was the Weaver Police Department. Chief Wayne Bush advised, “We were present only to assist with traffic control and to help any of the injured motorists. The crash investigation belongs to the State Patrol”.

The ambulance was operating in an emergency mode and had lights and sirens running as they were responding to a call.

We will update you with more information as it develops.

6/2/23 4:46pm UPDATE: It was originally reported by the Calhoun Journal that the ambulance was NOT running emergency lights when the crash occurred. That information was incorrect and has been changed in the story.

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