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UPDATED: Fire at New Flyer in Anniston Leads to Evacuation

Breaking News Reported Fire at New Flyer in Anniston

Update: From the earlier breaking news story regarding the fire there have been several updates. Anniston Fire Chief Jeff Waldrep stated that, “That our crews did a tremendous job in limiting the damage and the fire is under investigation to hopefully determine a cause. “

New Flyer issued a statement to the Calhoun Journal as well,  “New Flyer of America Inc. (“New Flyer”) can confirm that there was a vehicle fire at our Anniston, Alabama facility on the morning of Monday, November 7. The facilities were evacuated, local emergency services responded to the scene, and there were no injuries. We are very grateful for the quick response from staff and the Anniston Fire Department.

The fire began on a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicle and spread to six other buses parked in close proximity. The buses were parked outside of our production facilities and had not gone through final completion or testing.  The Anniston facility, which the buses were parked near, sustained minor damage but is still fully operational.

New Flyer buses are designed, engineered, manufactured, and rigorously tested to the safest standards in North America, and we have deployed our service team to the area who will investigate the matter with our insurance providers and local authorities to determine the root cause.” 

This story broke based on reports from neighbors and employees calling in about hearing a large sound that was equated to an “explosion” or “bomb” around 7:00 am on the morning of November 7th. Those these sounds have since been explained. There were no injuries sustained and the plant is still operational. 

Damaged from Fire at New Flyer

Anniston, AL – Reports of an early morning fire at New Flyer in Anniston have come in. Multiple employees have reported being evacuated and the Anniston Fire Department is on scene accessing the situation. The fire department has requested that people stay out of the area. This is a developing story and there will be updates.

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