October 22, 2021  
Lee Evancho  

In September of this year the Calhoun County Journal did a business spotlight piece on Cutter’s Pizzeria. This small business has certainly been busy been that time and now. Not only has one of the co-owners, Dalton “Cutter” Goode, been named JSU’s Young Alumni of the Year, but just this past Tuesday at the Calhoun Chamber’s Business Expo Cutter’s received the best Pizza Award and the Best Wings Award!

Cutter’s Pizzeria, a local, family owned restaurant with two locations in Alexandria and Oxford.

When Dalton was awarded the Young Alumni of the Year award after community leaders, business professionals, and professors wrote in support of “Cutter” to the JSU Alumni of the Year Committee. Cutter was proud to receive the award stating:

“I am honored to receive the Young Alumni Award and privileged to have the support from so many in my community.” Dalton “Cutter” continued to say, “Thank you so much to everyone that has worked with, for, and in support of me. My lifelong dreams of owning my own business and founding a nonprofit are coming to fruition and I couldn’t be happier to have support and recognition like this. Thank you to everyone who supports me and has made all of my accomplishments possible.”

This Fall, Cutter’s Pizzeria has fed several high school sports teams for free, fed the Local Nonprofit Second Chance lunch for free, gave two Cutter’s Pizzeria staff members college scholarships, and sponsored the Music Box -One of Calhoun County’s only individualized music lesson programs for young people. Cutter’s Pizzeria regularly supports local businesses, nonprofits, and students. Cutter said the mission of Cutter’s Pizzeria is more than just making a profit, “it’s about making a positive difference in our community.”

— Jacksonville State University Alumni Award Website & BIO


Young Alumn of the Year – Mr. Dalton Goode’17

Jacksonville State University’s Biography about Cutter is below: “Mr. Goode earned a BA double major in economics and political science from JSU in 2017. He continued his education at Northwestern University, earning an MA in public policy and administration in 2019.

Mr. Goode is a community advocate and business owner with a strong drive to make a positive impact. He currently serves as co-owner and general manager of Cutter’s Pizzeria. Since 2019, the company has contributed over $15,000* worth of free and non-profit food for families, organizations, and schools and has expanded to a second location. Mr. Goode also serves as the founder, chair, and executive director of the Emerging Citizen Initiative, a 501c3 nonprofit focused on youth civic engagement. The goal of ECI is to increase civic engagement and community leadership among youth populations. ECI reached over 100,000 18-25 year olds with a voter turnout drive in the organization’s first civic engagement project.”

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