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Investigation at the Oldest Saloon in Alabama, Anniston’s Peerless Saloon & Grille

investigation of the oldest saloon and brothel in Alabama

Anniston, AL – Main Street Anniston asked “Any TrueCrime fans out there?” Jeepers Investigations announced their upcoming investigation at the oldest saloon still standing in Alabama, The Peerless Saloon & Grille! You may recognize the Peerless from a few scenes in the Netflix movie “Devil All The Time”, where Bill Skarsgård and Sebastian Stan filmed, and reportedly ate there even between scenes (the food REALLY is that good!)

Opened in 1899 by R.E. Gardner, the first floor of The Peerless was a top-notch drinking parlor where Wildcat Whisky, Gardner’s own blend, was served to the masses; both average working Joe’s and high class businessmen. On the second floor a brothel was located and run by Lucinda Talley, the “Madam”, who would sit at the top of the stairs and ask the gentlemen callers what “flavor of room” they would like and would collect the money for the “services” and would even gift expensive ties to her best customers for Christmas.
In 1920 Anniston police were attempting to arrest a man who bolted into the saloon and up the stairs. One of the officers pulled his gun and shot at the suspect, missing him and hitting Lucinda instead, killing her at the top of the stairs; her favorite spot. Many owners, and staff have passed through the doors of The Peerless in it’s lifetime and many of them have reported seeing Lucinda, as well as hearing disembodied voices and footsteps, things moving on their own, and feelings of being watched and even touched. There have been a few other paranormal teams that have investigated this spooky spot and all have reported SOME type of activity, including seeing the Madam themselves and seeing cords to equipment moving on its own.
Join them on Sunday, June 26 around 3:00 pm as they go LIVE for their investigation of the oldest saloon and brothel in Alabama and in the meantime, stop by for some of their amazing cuisine. Jeepers Investigations says “Say hello to Lucinda while you’re there… you just might bump into her!”

For more information, please contact the organizers. For a full list of local events click here

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