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Letter to the Editor – Opinion Piece Regarding K. L. Brown’s Questionable Endorsements

Letter to the Editor KL Brown's despicable endorsements

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Date Submitted May 22, 2022


Concerning the District 40 House race. I have lived in this district for many years and until now, I have had no major complaints about KL Brown. That changed this last week.

Elected officials should not get involved in picking their successors. The fact that KL Brown decided to “endorse” someone for this race is despicable. Brown lied to so many people when he promised to stay out of this race but then (Brown himself said) he got involved because the race was tightening up. Clearly, that’s because the people didn’t think Lester was the best option and all of the money getting funneled into his campaign wasn’t working as planned.

So many people are disgusted by Browns actions and he should be ashamed of himself. Once an elected official decides to step down, they should do just that. Step down, get out of the way, and let the best candidate win by getting votes from the people in the district. They shouldn’t try to interfere by parading someone around, by endorsing them, or by getting money for them…all of which Brown did for Lester.

If after spending probably 100k on a campaign, Lester still needed help getting votes, then he probably is NOT what is best for the district, but is instead someone that can be manipulated by the same people that manipulated Brown.


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