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Letter to the Editor – Opinion Piece Regarding Response from Candidate Bill Lester

Letter to the Editor - Bill Lester

Jacksonville, AL – We believe that all our residents deserve to voice their opinions. All opinions are from the writer and are not the opinion of Calhoun County Journal. Please feel free to include your name or post anonymously. We will not posts threats or accusations. We encourage our reader interaction with this news platform.

Date Submitted May 24, 2022
Bill Lester


First, notice that my letter isn’t anonymous. I need to correct a few points from the person who would not provide their name. I hope this is published by election day, but even if it isn’t the correction to the record is important (win or lose). First, I am proud to have received KL Brown’s endorsement. He is an honorable man and has been a faithful public servant for many years. He has earned the right to express his viewpoint on maters pertaining to the district. Second, meeting with people in the district, whoever they are, is not “parading around.” Simply put, this is meeting people. Third, all campaign contributions are public record. We believe in our campaign. By far the top donor is Bill Lester, and so far we can’t find any funnels. This means that I can operate as a true outsider Republican, not beholden to special interests. I believe the messages we’ve shared with you over these last few months grounded in solid values and hard work. These are Alabama values. Evidently, KL Brown sees potential in my qualifications and vision for the district and state. He felt strongly enough to offer his opinion to the people of District 40. It is up to the people to decide. Please note that I will be forthright with you, and I will never hide behind anonymous statements.


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