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Letter to the Editor – Opinion Piece Regarding Speeding Problems in Jacksonville

Letter to the Editor

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Date Submitted February 16, 2022
Submitted By David Smith

Jacksonville City has a speeding problem. In my opinion this shows no respect for the law. I live on James Hopkins Road SW approximately 1/2 block north of the elementary school. Even during the school zone hours, cars and busses are not observing the 15 mph speed limit. My grandson almost got hit while crossing in the designated cross walk. The stop sign that was at that intersection was taken down when the elementary school opened. Replacing the stop sign would help that cross walk be safer. The stop sign would not impede the school traffic flow which is only about 30 minutes a day. The other twenty three and one half hours a day it would help keep the speed down. The speed limit is 25 mph which is totally disregarded. It is not uncommon for cars to go 50 mph and above. Most do 40 to 45 mph . If a car goes 25 mph the drivers behind them are frustrated and will pass them. This is a residential street contrary to what some think and it is used heavily as a bypass to Alexandria, Pleasant Valley and other places to the north. Since everything has moved to this part of town i.e. Fire and police dept. the elementary school, Walmart Supercenter and Weaver’s Buckhorn Subdivision,the assisted living facility, traffic has multiplied exponentially. There’s not much to be done with the volume of traffic.but the speed can be addressed. When we built our house,about 19 years ago,only the high school existed here and my wife would joke that we were the little house on the prairie. So what is the solution? In my opinion, the stop sign should be put back and the police department write more tickets.I know people don’t like being ticketed but if you are breaking the speed limit law then you caused it not the police officer. They are only doing their job. But I have a suspicion that their told not to write tickets by city management. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. The speeding problem is broken, fix it. I will personally welcome any city official to my home and we will sit on my front porch and observe the problem personally.


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