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Letter to the Editor – Why is the RMC Board so Secretive

Letter to the Editor

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Date Submitted April 16, 2022
George Dudchock

In 2014 the City of Anniston appointed Brian Johnson, Anniston City Manager, to the RMC Board of Directors. The executives and Board objected to his appointment and went to court to block it.

They lost and Mr. Johnson was appointed.
Because the executives and Board wanted to prevent another impartial appointment by the City of Anniston, Oxford, Jacksonville, or Calhoun County, they orchestrated the change to a Healthcare Authority and announced changes to the process for appointing new Board members.
Now the Board gives the cities and Calhoun County Commission, a list of three names that they are to choose from. Basically, the cities and commission can no longer appoint a citizen of their choice to serve on the Regional Medical Center Board.

This handicaps the cities and commission and prevents them from choosing a citizen with healthcare experience to serve which would help improve the healthcare for our citizens.

The Executives and Board basically only want their friends to serve on the committee.

Is this action legal for a public, not for profit healthcare system?

The executives and Board also announced that their meetings were no longer open to the public that they serve.

Is this action legal?

Why all the secrecy?

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