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Oxford Work Session and City Council Meeting

Oxford Meeting

Oxford MeetingWork Session

Troop 20136 presented a pack of information about an upcoming trip to the UK. Six members also shared reasons why the trip was important to them and what scouting had given to them. A few of the reasons shared were leadership skills, life experiences, eye opening possibilities, exposure to strong female leaders, independence, and learning about other cultures. The Council thanked the presenters for their time and thoughtful information and assured them they would review the packet.

The next presenters were Jon Holder and Katie Edwards with High School Football Alabama. Mr. Holder noted that they already have a partnership with the City of Oxford, which was phenomenally successful. He is also excited about the growth of this partnership. They are looking for Oxford to be the title, sponsor for High School Football Alabama. This would give exposure not only locally, but regionally and statewide. This year they are going to be expanding to include a yearly long podcast. This is in addition to the magazine that is distributed. There will be 10,000 copies run. The cost is $25,000 yearly to be the title sponsor.

There were no representatives from Camp Lee

Lamar spoke about adding to the program for the Christmas Lights event. This was a profitable tear even with 6000 less cars. What was list in car visitors was gained in the new expanded village section. He would like to bid out a project approximately $76,000 to expand.


City Council Meeting

  • Call to OrderOxford Meeting
    • Councilman Spurlin – Present
    • Councilman Waits – Present
    • Councilman Henderson – Present
    • Councilwoman Hubbard – Present
    • Councilman Gardner – Present
  • Welcome/Invocation
  • Pledge of Allegiance
    • Led by Troop 20136
  • Approval of Minutes of February 22, 2022 – Unanimously Approved
  • Old Business – None
  • Proclamation – Developmental Disabilities Awareness MonthOxford Proclamation
  • New Business
    • Ordinance No. 2022 – 17 – Ordinance designating Elizabeth Avenue as a two-way street. – Unanimously Approved
  • Consent Agenda – Unanimously Approved
    • Resolution No. 2022- 18 – Resolution declaring certain vehicles/equipment surplus and authorizing their sale/disposal.
    • Resolution No. 2022- 19 – Resolution appointing Kay Hubbard to the Health Care Authority.
    • Resolution No. 3022- 20 – Agreement with Goodwyn Mills Cawood for design of renovations at Choccolocco Park Signature Baseball Field
    • Resolution No. 2022- 21 – Agreement with Goodwyn Mills Cawood for design for Choccolocco Park Signature Softball Field Outfield Fence Relocation
  • Council Comments/Reports – None
  • Mayor’s Comments
    • The Mayor stated he was proud of the girls Basketball team and how close they got to being state champions. He also was proud of how the fans stood up for them. He said the halftime show should have been renamed the Choccolocco Park Halftime Show because the marketing team went above and beyond on that.
  • Visitors – None
  • Motion to adjourn to Executive Session (next regular Council Meeting, March 22, 2022) – Unanimously Approved

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