Active shooter in Weaver

July 3, 2021
Jim Evancho

Mayor Wayne Willis has issued a brief statement to the Buckhorn Community. The statement was shared on social media and stated “

Weaver Police responded to a call tonight which resulted in gunfire. At this time the situation is isolated to a single house and there is no threat to the general community. Police are on scene and the incident is being managed. Obviously I can not release any specific information as this is an ongoing investigation.
I want to stress that there is no threat to the Weaver community and the screen is secured by law enforcement personnel. This is an active situation, please keep all calls to the Police Dept to emergencies only. All lines of communication need to be clear for emergency traffic.
More details will be shared as this develops”.
There are Currently multiple law enforcement agencies and crisis negotiators on scene attempting to bring this to a peaceful resolution. If you live in the Buckhorn Area please remain inside.