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Weaver Holds Grand Opening of Firehouse

Grand Opening of the Weaver Firehouse

Weaver, AL – On September 1st the long awaited Weaver Firehouse held its grand opening to much fanfare. Pastor Kieth Merritt gave the invocation followed by the Weaver band performing the National Anthem while flags were raised. The Mayor, Wayne Willis, gave a welcome and greeting of special guests, Samantha Smith, Keith Kelley, Terry Howell, and the Weaver City council before turning it over to Fire Chief Brian Bunn who gave an emotional speech about the culmination of years of work to reach this day.

Weaver Firehouse Grand Opening
Police Chief Bush, Fire chief Bunn, and Mayor Willis

Chief Bunn started off on a light note remembering the day Mayor Willis came to him and said that the council wanted to start this project. Chief Bunn said, “Bring me the money and I’ll do it.” He also admitted that he thought this might be an empty promise made by a politician, but the money came. What also came was a series of problems from flooded land and of course COVID, that created numerous delays. The work was also done largely by volunteers. While at times this seemed like the project that would never be completed, the Chief never lost sight of his three goals: 1. To survive 2. To have a place the firefighters could feel at home. 3. To create a site that would make its namesake, Matthew Brimer, proud. Chief Bush also took a moment to thank a few people who helped make this dream possible. Carl Brimer and his wife were thanked for donating the flagpoles and for all their help and support, Police Chief Wayne Bush was thanked for working tirelessly, including up until 2:00 am the morning of the opening. He also said he can’t express how much appreciation he has for the relationship with the Weaver Police Department. Chief Bunn also wanted to thank his son, Matthew and wife, Ginger for their support and understanding of what the project meant and for the long hours they spent working side by side with him and all those that helped.

Lieutenant Preston Sorrell spoke next. He has been with the Weaver Volunteer Fire Department for 18 years and he called this project monumental. He thanked the Mayor and City Council for attending and supporting this project.

A important feature of this firehouse are the two plaques that stand in the front of the building. One is for all fallen firefighters and the other is for former Weaver Fire Chief Bill Smith, who lost his life in the line of duty working with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department.

Weaver Firehouse Grand OpeningWeaver Firehouse Grand Opening

Mayor Willis also surprised Chief Bunn with a plaque commending him for all his hard work and the dedication he put into the opening of the firehouse. All attendees were then invited to enjoy the refreshments catered by Divine House of Soul and Cutter’s Pizzeria who supplied 50 pizza’s for the band members.  All attendees were also invited to tour the facilities. *Pictures gallery included below


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